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              Life is an Adventure

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I’ve been wanting to build a website for some time that I could use to document the life experiences of myself  and Friends that have fallen.  It is hoped that a little fun and wisdom can be gained from these peoples experiences in life and may help others in some way for their memory and for the gifts they have given whilst still among us.

  • Electronics - from Valves to IPV6
  • Flying - all sorts of links, games and articles
  • Fun Stuff - Games, jokes, links to great sites.
  • Inspirational - Though provoking, health and useful tips.
  • Scrap metal - The start of the Scrap metal Adventure.
  • Classifieds - Something for everyone here.
  • Links - networking, electronics, marketing and lots more.
  • The sCrap Blog - Where all members can share.


    It is a shame when the wisdom of those gone before is lost in this fast paced world we live in. 

    Hopefully the inspiration and Hedley White / WDP pages will give a little something back,

    Please explore :-) Always adding new things to check out.



        If you have any comments regarding the content of this site please feel free to contact me or post in the sCrap blog.

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     The above is the first  ever edition of radio and hobbies Australia, later to become Electronics Australia. 


                   Dedicated Pages for Electronics

    Please explore this and linked websites as there is so much information  I could not add it all to one site. 

    The eBooks on RADAR and Electronics are published on Scribd.


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     The Smithy


     This was a place of dreams when i was a boy,  It had all the tools and bits and pieces.  Motors and belts, lathes and grinders.  Lots of old fashioned hardware and antique things.

    The Way the machinery all worked via a series of flat belts running trough the roof beams from a single piston petrol engine was awesome. 

    Belts on idler pullies that could be swung across via lever to start the drill press or grinder or  flicked the other way to drive a belt into the next room where it was used to run either the wood or metal lathe.

    The Wood Lathe was a modified Talbot 3 speed crash gearbox, bolted to 2 short legths of railway iron. 


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