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          Vitamin King - Support Australian.


 VitaminKing Supplements for General Health, Bodybuilding, Recovery, Womens and Mens Weight Loss - Click the links to check out their online catalog and save.

                Life is an Adventure Mini Mall



            Latest Shockwave games 

I've added these games and many more to the

Fun Stuff page,

Risk ®


Mortimer Beckett and the Lost King

Super Text Twist®

Bejeweled 2 Deluxe®

Play them free of buy the software - they are great!


    Microsoft Store has some great deals.


Scroll to check out these Online Products.


               Travel and Accomodation

GoDo Online Adventure bookings - check out whats around.



Mirvac Hotels

Mirvac Hotels & Resorts

Guide to Traveling Australia

Your Guide To Travelling Australia


Anglers Warehouse - check out their online catalog

Anglers Warehouse


Training Conferences


                Run Your Car On Water

Run Your Car on Water gives you the tech. info that you need to make the conversions to your car. Such as hydrogen generator. Its not hard with the right information.

If HHO technology interests you then Click Here!

                  FREE ENERGY AT HOME

free electricity,using solar & wind power. secrets revealed

If you want to learn more about FREE energy then Click Here!

                     DIY Solar Energy

What the Solar Energy Industry doesn't want you to know is there's a way you can build your own panels for a fraction of their costs. Solar panels cost on average anywhere from $25,000 to $30,000 to install. That's why people want to know how to build their own, especially in a recession.

If Solar power interests you then Click Here!

                Landscaping Your Garden

This new landscaping your garden ebook will show you how to landscape your garden in many different ways.Great landscaping designs can add 10% to the value of your home and landscaping your garden will help you achieve that.

If Gardening is your thing then Click Here!


Tri Nature - Environmentally Responsible Household Products


  VistaPrint - 50% Off ALL Products!

  Australian Flag Makers

  OzSpy Spy Shop


    How To Help Someone Cope With Grief.

If Theres Anything I Can Do: How To Help Someone Cope With Grief.
Its Awful When Someone You Love Goes Through The Pain Of Bereavement But Theres No Need To Feel Helpless In The Face Of Grief. This Book Is Full Of Little Ways (and Big Ways) You Can Help Someone You Care About Cope With Grief That Little Bit Better.

If you care about someone then Click Here!

                    Dog Training Zone.

All You Ever Need To Know To House, Potty And Obedience Train Your Dog Or Puppy.

For more Information for your pooch Click Here!

          How To Interpret Your Dreams

Simple Step-by-step Guide To Interpreting Your Dreams In Easy Read Pdf By World Renowned Dream Expert, Six Times Published Author, Huge Web Presence, On Tv, Radio, Big Following.

If youyou are curious about your dreams then Click Here!


                Accordion Tutor EBook

The Only Accordion Course For Beginners EBook(R) On The Net! (All Rights Reserved).

If Playing the Accordion interests you then Click Here!

  Learn to Play Guitar



  Direct Satellite PC - New PC To Tv Product!

100% Legal And 100% Custom Online Tv Viewing Software. Over 3,000 Worldwide Channels

If TV on your PC interests you then Click Here!

     Guide To Unlock The Nintendo Wii

Guide For Playing Backup And Homebrew Games On The Wii. Much Cheaper Than Modchips. This Method Is 100% Safe

For all you gamers out there Click Here!


 Anxiety And Panic Attacks Self-help Program.

Written By A Qualified Professional With Over 20 Years Experience Finding Solutions To Anxiety And Panic Attacks. Calming Words Is An E-book With All The Proven Ways From Anxiety To Calm. Plus 2 MP3 Audios On Relaxation And How To Meditate.

 If you feel this may help then Click Here!

                   Practical Report Writing.

Write Greats Reports With This Report Writing Kit.

If you want to write better reports then Click Here!

      The 10 Deadly Sins Of Renovating 4Profit.

Make More Money In Real Estate By Avoiding These Costly Mistakes!

If you are renovating then Click Here!

       Passive Income From Property Investing 

This Brand New Product Which Teaches A Complete System For How To Generate Massive Passive Income From Property Investing - No Money Down.

If you are interested in profiting from real estate then Click Here!

     So You Want To Be An Sap Professional?

Insider Secrets, Shortcuts And Proven Tactics To Break Into Sap, Get Good, And Earn A Great Living As An Sap Professional... Finally Revealed By Pros Who Play The Game Themselves.

If IT is your flavour then Click Here!

                       The Buskers Bible.

The Art Of Successful Busking For Fun And Profit.

If busking interests you then Click Here!


Not really a Classified, more a Plug for a great site

This is a free site for advertising your Business and Social Networking with other like minded business people, Life is an Adventure is part of the growing number on this site.

If you have a business, I highly recommend it.

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You have probably seen me advertise this site before, but if you want to get into affiliate marketing or wish to advertise your business the easy way (by getting others to do it for you) then I believe you should check it out - it's free to join!

clixGalore Merchant Referral Program

 If you want to learn more about Affiliate Marketing or Internet Marketing

Check out the Sister site Affiliate Adventure

         The business alternative of twitter



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