The Scrap Metal Adventure



I’ve been interested in scrap metal / recycling since I was young.

Now I want to share the knowledge I’ve gained to help others with similar interests, and for those who are curious.


For those who are cleaning out their sheds, wanting to make some extra beer money or for the more serious,there will be some useful tips.

The big boys, ( like Sims metal here in Australia) have a myriad of different grades of ferrous and non ferrous materials.   I will be dealing with the general every day stuff you’ll pick up around the place.

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 Please Browse through this site as there are many little ideas and interesting things being added, I hope you find inspiration.




Metal Recycling. 

Metal is recycled by melting down scrap metal and reusing it in the production of new products. The most commonly recycled metals are iron, steel and aluminum. Recycling metal reduces pollution, saves resources, reduces waste going to landfills and prevents the destruction of habitats from mining new ore. Producing recycled aluminum uses 95 percent less energy and emits 95 percent less carbon dioxide than when making aluminum from bauxite ore. Producing recycled steel reduces the carbon dioxide emissions by 80 percent, according to Corus Group, a steel-producing company. 


Basic Introduction To Scrap metal Collecting

First thing, Get hold of a decent magnet and a file - This is so you can determine what type of metal you have. 

(see Metal Identification page for more info)

A good pair of Gloves are also useful to prevent cuts from sharp edges.


And I recommend checking out AMF magnetics

 as they stock heaps of cool magnetic things.

AMF Magnetics


FERROUS = Magnetic

Examples are car bodies, corrugated iron, old bathtubs, dog food cans

NON-FERROUS = Non Magnetic

Examples are aluminum cans, copper pipe, plumbing fittings

Most people stick to collecting the Non ferrous metals as the value of this is a lot higher than for Ferrous materials.

Basic Plastic Recycling and the recycling of electronics and the like I will go into in other pages

 If you have any comments or suggestions feel free to subscribe and leave comments – thanks.


 The Legal Stuff

The information I've provided on this site is a general guide and free to anyone who is interested. I will not be responsible, however for the way you use this information or for any accidents or injuries that may occur. 




 Scrap metal recycling is the intentional collection of metal byproduct, used or unused with the aim of converting it into usable form again. Transforming scrap metal into a sale able or usable product entails melting the metal or metals in furnaces fired to high temperatures. Recycled scrap is a leading raw material component for about 70 per cent of steel made in continental United States and this figure is similar to the amount of scrap metal recycled and processed in Europe, Australia and Asia.

Scrap metal recycling has been around for ages. It has existed since the discovery of metal, when primitive smiths re-melted bronze or iron ingots and filings to be used to make other items. These were the first scraps, or unused metals scraps. History is rife with instances when kings and military leaders “re-purposed” metals vessels used for worship activities to shields, emblems or weapons of war.

Recycling scrap metal also gives jobs to people and that is another human benefit which has a resounding effect on a community. Creation of jobs is always a positive outcome of recycling.

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure! That is really the case when it comes to making money with scrap metal. The world of scrap metal recycling has changed a great deal in the past decade or so, if only for one little thing: Prices. Commodities have skyrocketed these past few years, taking with it something once worth just a penny and turning it into something worth dollars.

                   Eriez releases 'Virtual Scrap Yard'

If you’ve never seen a scrap yard in action, now’s your chance.

The virtual scrap yard gives 360-degree views of how each piece of equipment fits into the recovery process. Close-ups are used to highlight specific equipment, with descriptive text to give further details.

The eight-minute video first highlights the ferrous metals separation and recovery process, featuring equipment such as CleanStream Process, P-Rex, Scrap Drum and PokerSort.

The second half of the virtual scrap yard demonstrates the nonferrous metals separation and recovery process, showcasing Eriez equipment such as the Eccentric Rotor Eddy Current Separator, the ProSort II Airless Metal Recovery System, and the DensitySort Air Table.



This RSS Feed service allows you to easily monitor the daily changes in the Scrap Metals Composite Index and other related Indexes on your desktop.

The Scrap Metals Composite Index tracks the changing market prices in the scrap metals industry . The Index consists of a weighted basket of specific benchmark grades of scrap metals. The benchmarks include specific grades of scrap aluminum, brass, copper, lead, magnesium, stainless steel, steel, tin and zinc


The RSS feed below is from

A Global feed for Scrap metal prices.





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